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Your customers trust you to assist them with their real estate transactions.  To them, you’re much more than a real estate agent, you’re a trusted advisor that they look to for professional guidance and expertise.

At DHR Law, we share your desire to exceed your clients’ highest expectations. We’ve spent years building relationships with real estate professionals like you and we do everything in our power to make the entire closing process smooth and hassle free for you and your clients.

All too often we hear of clients asking their real estate agent for legal advice.  We encourage you to recommend DHR Law as your client’s attorney and closing agent for your next transaction. By making this recommendation you are ensuring the best possible representation for your clients and increase the likelihood of a smooth closing.  You are also protecting yourself from crossing the line between real estate agent and real estate attorney.  Give your clients the protection and peace of mind they deserve and make sure that their interests are protected from contract through closing.


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