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Florida law requires that real estate closings and the issuance of title insurance must be performed exclusively by attorneys or title insurance agents.  Leading Lenders in the State of Florida repeatedly turn to DHR Law, to handle these important legal transactions. DHR Law has established a strong reputation for our ability to counsel and represent lenders at every stage of loan transactions, from loan document preparation and the issuance of title insurance to restructures, mortgage modifications and workouts. DHR Law also works with lenders in connection with mortgage and mezzanine lending for specialized applications such as residential and commercial construction projects, hotel/motel operations, condominium developments of all types and fractional and timeshare financing.  DHR Law ensures that title work for all transactions, residential and commercial alike, is complete and done in a timely manner, that you receive all necessary information well in advance of the closing, and that the required settlement paperwork is in order.

Additionally, we are well equipped to draft and prepare your commercial loan documents, mortgage modifications, future advances and the like.  Drafting is handled strictly by an experienced attorney who can document your unique transaction.  We pride ourselves at being responsive to your lending requirements and the needs of your borrower. Loan documents can also be prepared on an expedited basis as necessary to meet any time constraints.


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