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Corporate & LLC Formation

Want to transfer your real estate into a limited liability company? Looking to starts a business? Need to protect certain assets? Looking to structure your next deal.

DHR Law can help with all of these things. Whether it be a corporation, limited liability company or partnership, we provide the straightforward advice you need to choose right type of entity, file your Articles, obtain your tax identification number, draft your initial agreements, and discuss pros and cons of your various taxation options.

Formation is quick and simple and we can have you up and running in short order.

Additionally, we are happy to assist with the creation of your land trust and discuss some of the pro and cons of using one.

Series LLCs:

We have been getting inquiries from clients as to the use of series LLCs. Presently, there is no provision under the Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act for a series LLC.  This means that any series LLC will need to be set up in a jurisdiction that permits this structure.  Additionally, given that Florida currently does not provide for the series LLC, it is unclear what protections are going to be afforded to a foreign series LLC doing business in the State of Florida. 




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