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In Florida, condominiums are governed by Florida Statutes Chapter 718 and are a common form of ownership and structure for real estate development. Often the word “condo” conjures up images of high-rise towers on the beach. However, that is only one type of condo. In fact, the condominium form of ownership can be highly flexible and can result is many different types of products including: residential, commercial, mixed-use, land, office, and condominium conversions.

Those who purchase units in a condominium technically own everything from the drywall (of their unit) inward (assuming that the condominium has actual walls – land condominiums and boat-slips a/k/a doc-o-miniums are some of the exceptions). Owners have shared rights to the common areas (a/k/a common elements), such as the elevators, hallways, pools and clubhouses. Certain portions of the condominium may be reserved specifically to individual owners/units (i.e. a parking space or boat slip) and are known as a limited common element.

Before you begin your next condominium project talk to us about how we can help. We have extensive experience with condominium development from new construction projects to the conversion of existing improvements.  Time and time again we have assisted developers with their projects; creating reservation programs, drafting the governing documents and obtaining approval from the Division of Florida Condominium, Timeshares and Mobile Homes.  Let DHR Law guide you through the condominium development process from inception through turnover.


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