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Whether you are a real estate developer, general contractor, subcontractor, materialman, supplier or property owner, DHR Law can help you with all of your construction and development related legal issues. We have extensive knowledge of the Florida Construction Lien Law (Chapter 713) and are prepared to work with you to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations in any construction situation. We frequently assist in contract preparation for both builders and the property owners and can help tailor a contract to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we can help with various issues arising from Notices to Owner (“NTO”) and Claims of Lien, including the foreclosure of a lien as necessary. Given that most construction and development related lawsuits arise “after the fact”, do not hesitate to contact us in advance of your next project. Often times many issues can be addressed before they arise with careful contract preparation and documentation.


DHR Law has been assisting real estate developers in maximizing their projects for years. Having worked on numerous developments from Boca Raton to Miami and from Tampa to Naples, we are well versed in Florida real estate. Whether you are converting a motel into condominium units, creating a new residential subdivision, fractionalizing an existing condominium structure or planning your next retail center, we are your legal partner in all aspects of real property development from site selection, acquisition, construction and final lease-up or disposition. No matter your vision, DHR Law can help you meet your goals.

DHR Law’s work includes everything from site acquisition and due diligence to reviewing zoning requirements, performing complex title searches, issuing title insurance policies, drafting condominium and conveyancing documents and securing development and property management agreements. Furthermore, we can help to structure your deal beginning with the formation of your structure and the preparation of the necessary agreements with any partners (equity or debt) you may have. We have extensive experience dealing with credit-tenant leases and are happy to assist you with the negotiation of your next lease.

We invite you to talk with us before you begin your next project.


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